It may be reassuring for you to know something of my own life experience. I have dealt with many issues for myself or someone close to me: adverse childhood experiences, infertility, miscarriage, parenting challenges, ADHD, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, PMDD, Alzheimer’s, sex-and-gender-variance, various sexual health concerns, long-term marriage, infidelity, divorce, family court proceedings, mature dating, open relationships, cross-cultural relationships, remarriage, mid-life crisis, and career change.

This is not to say I am expert in these issues or naive about others, nor am I necessarily victim or villain. I do not cast anyone that way. We are all human, with strengths and challenges, and an acceptance of that will be a helpful starting point for all of us.

As a client, it is unlikely that you will hear much in particular about my personal experiences or lack thereof, for our dealings will properly remain about you.