If the primary problem is alcohol or drug use, or if there is significant violence in the relationship, or if there is significant untreated mental illness, there are better programs available in the community that more directly address these issues as a priority. In British Columbia, please try the referral service BC-211. If such problems have already been dealt with and your situation has been stable for some time, please inquire with me and I will consider your case and try to find you the best help.

If there are significant problems with children at home, I may suggest a referral to a family therapist, either instead of or in addition to couples therapy. However, children typically respond to or increase the stress for a couple. Please call to discuss your situation.

If the concern rests more with one individual than the other, but is still directly related to the relationship, such as perceived sex addiction, a history of trauma, or depression, I may arrange a program which combines couple and individual therapy, often with another therapist. Please let me know when you book your first appointment.

If the concern is another problem or life change (for example, job loss or health concerns) that indirectly affects your relationship, there is a good chance you will also benefit from couples counselling to deal with this stress. Please make a free call to us to discuss your situation. I may also be able to offer skills coaching, individual counselling, or a referral.