You can see our fee schedule per appointment here. Also see the FAQ titled “How long will this take?” about the number of sessions needed.

Unfortunately, no responsible therapist can begin to estimate the total cost because we cannot know the intricacies of your case and how you both will respond. If you have budget concerns, we encourage you to discuss your situation with us in more depth with us so that we can jointly plan for the best value.

However, in forming your decision, you may wish to consider the value of counselling rather than the expense. A “new way to experience each other” provides much longer-lasting benefit than, say, paying for a fleeting vacation experience without addressing the problems. The life lessons provided to your children from an intact and harmonious home can be much more rewarding than, say, a school trip or private lessons. A “relationship renovation” is much cheaper than a household renovation, never mind the cost of separating and maintaining two households. Our rates are much lower than those of lawyers, and hiring a counselor tends to reduce problems, not escalate them.